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Vadim Korkh

(604) 224-2348

About Vadim

The modest yet prolific coach moved to Canada from Russia in 1997. While in Russia, Vadim was a professor of tennis at the Central Sport Academy in Moscow for 20 years. He has also coached some of the top Russian tennis pros: Andre Chesnokov, Olga Morozova and Anna Kournikova. Vadim is a level 3 coach whose philosophy is based on teamwork and support. By establishing a two-way communication with his students, he feels that junior players have the best opportunity to develop into being the best players possible. He incorporates hard work, discipline, technical perfection and stroke repetition into his coaching sessions. Most importantly, he brings a sharp focus of the mental aspect of the game to his students. Vadim's dedication in doing something exceptional for each of his students is a key part of the Tennis Academy's Junior Program. He joined the Jerico Tennis Club'stennis staff after being a coach at the People's Court Tennis Club in Coquitlam.

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